Not Sorrys from Alison and Kate - Week of 9/19

I’m not sorry for taking on leadership roles with my peers, and I’m not sorry if you think I’m bossy

I’m not sorry that I won’t “volunteer my time” talking about something I am an expert about

I’m not sorry that I am starting the day watching an episode of Garfunkel and Oates even though I have so many things to do, because I know it will make me feel better about being in the world.

I’m not sorry for saying “no” to a collaboration I knew would stress me out

I’m not sorry that I can’t hang out

I’m not sorry that I don’t have the energy to figure out the kinder way to talk to you right now

I’m not sorry for doing what feels good.

I’m not sorry for talking about queer sex all the time

I’m not sorry for expecting and enjoying praise when I do a bang-up job