Your submissions will guide this project and we want to hear from you! We accept voice memos and written statements, via this form or direct message on Instagram or Facebook . We can use your information anonymously or credit you. We will include some  submissions on this site on the I'm Not Sorry page, and will use all of them to pull themes from to create original content for the blog.


Submissions may be in the form of audio or text files, or may be submitted directly thru the site. For all submissions:

1. Begin by introducing yourself however you'd like and sharing whatever information you want, and then make a short statement about what you're Not Sorry About. If you do not introduce yourself in your statement, you will remain anonymous. Audio clips can be as short as a couple seconds, or go for a minute or longer. 

2. Send your entry to

AUDIO FILES: If you have an iPhone, the Voice Memos app works well--just record and upload the file to an email. If you have another way of recording and sending, that works too.

TEXT FILES: Type into the body of the email or attach a separate document OR use the submission form below to submit completely anonymously.

Submissions that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist in lanuage or content will not be published. Submissions may be edited for typos.

Thank you for participating! Please feel free to share this project!
♥ Alison and Kate